Offshore Bank Account Opening – Offshore Banking

Offshore banking – banking opportunities for your offshore company

IBC LAB offers an assistance in opening banking account for your international business company.

Offshore banking,Offshore bank account opening

Offshore company is an extremely versatile instrument for international business, assets holding, personal finances, trading and shipping purposes. However, it is a prerequisite for any solid international business to establish banking relation with respectable and reliable banking or financial institutions which can handle all vital aspects of the company’s financial affairs.

Bank account is essential for your international business and can be opened right after setting up an offshore company.

Bank introduction

Over the years IBC LAB has been working closely with many banks and financial institutions in the Caribbean region as well as in Europe. We offer our clients assistance in establishing relationship with banks – both for everyday banking purposes as well as for specialised professional solutions (e.g. merchant accounts, trade finance etc.).

Please ask us for assistance to help you find a bank or financial institution for:

  • Everyday banking (offshore bank account opening, debit card, credit card etc.)

or specialist products for your offshore banking needs such as:

  • Merchant accounts / e-commerce facilities for credit cards processing
  • Specialist investment advisors, securities dealing, wealth management
  • Trade finance and commodity trading
  • Forex and Binary Options Brokers
  • Trust and fiduciary services

We help our clients to open bank account in the following jurisdictions:

The Caribbean:

  •   Antigua
  •   St.Vincent
  •   Belize
  •   Barbados


  •   Latvia
  •   Liechtenstein
  •   Cyprus

IBC LAB will provide you with information and help to choose an appropriate jurisdiction as well as financial institution for your banking needs. Please contact us now to incorporate your international business company and open offshore bank account.

Choosing jurisdiction and bank

Depending on type of your business and your personal circumstances, you should carefully consider a jurisdiction and type of bank where you are planning to establish banking relations.

You should be fully aware that banking supervision and customer protection schemes enacted in foreign countries can be very different from the ones in your home jurisdiction.

Important factors to bear in mind when opening an international bank account with foreign banking or financial institution:

  • Potential tax implications in your home country
  • Your financial planning needs
  • Risk tolerance and cash availability needs
  • Difference of legal systems in different jurisdictions
  • Consumer protection schemes enacted in other jurisdictions can be inadequate in comparison to your home country

Benefits of offshore bank account

  • Convenience: all banking operations can be done through secure online banking system, multiple currencies and easy access to your funds through payment cards.
  • Confidentiality: overseas banks normally do not have reporting obligations and they are not required to disclosure your bank accounts to authorities in your home countries
  • Opportunities: banks overseas usually offer higher interest rate than your home bank, potential tax benefits
  • Access: access to wide range of financial products and flexible payment solutions for international business

Vast majority of the clients is interested in banking facilities which offer universal banking services providing clients with payment solutions, debit/credit card and other day-to-day banking products.

Usually such banks offer their clients online banking platform to manage their day-to-day operations remotely as well personalised client relationship management allowing clients to communicate with dedicated account manager electronically (VoIP, Skype etc)