Setting up Dominica Offshore Company

Commonwealth of Dominica is an excellent jurisdiction for setting up an offshore company – main advantages of incorporating your new international business company in Dominica are:

  • Dominica legal system is based on Common Law and corporate law is similar to other common law jurisdictions.
  • Official language of Dominica is English
  • Enhanced privacy and confidentiality embedded into Dominica International Business Companies Act
  • Dominica as jurisdiction strives to be complaint with international anti-money laundering regulations and best practises

More information regarding Dominica as favorable domicile and reasonable alternative to other offshore jurisdictions can be found here.

Uses of Dominica offshore company

According to Dominica legislation there is a very broad spectrum of activities permitted to properly incorporated Dominica international business companies.

Allowed activities are the following:

  • Business administration and support: employment, office administrative services, phone call centre services, other business support services
  • Educational and consulting services: conferences, general consulting, online studies and courses
  • Professional and technical services: legal, payroll, engineering, surveying and research services
  • Construction services: industrial, manufacturing, contracting services
  • Financial services: intermediary, securities and commodities trading
  • Information and Info Technology services: data processing services, hosting and data management services
  • Online publishing, marketing and promotion via internet
  • Transportation services: ground, maritime, air and related support services

However, there are following general prohibitions in the law:

  • Conducting banking activity without proper licensing: accepting deposits from general public, issuing depository notes etc
  • Rendering insurance and brokerage activities without proper licensing
  • Engagement into immoral, illegal or such activities which endanger public safety

In situation when you cannot determine if your forthcoming business objectives are permitted in Dominica, we offer you free of charge consultation.

Steps for Dominica offshore company incorporation

1. Please contact us and choose business name for your new Dominica offshore company for us to check availability. We also have shelf-companies / ready-made companies available for immediate sale and you can pick up one of the existing companies.

2. Please fill our in-house questionnaire form and provide us with required by the law due diligence documents. IBC LAB is professional registered agent in Dominica and we firmly adhere to the industry best practices establishing professional and trustworthy relations with our client and partners.

3. IBC LAB will issue you the invoice. We accept wire transfers, credit card payment (via PayPal), cash (via Western Union).

4. Once your invoice is paid in full, we will incorporate your company and ship your documents. Normally incorporation take 24-48 hours since your order has been confirmed.

Please read more here about documents you receive once your offshore company is incorporated.

Dominica Offshore Company renewal

After 12 months since your company incorporation date, governmental registry fees will be due and we will contact you beforehand in order to issue invoice for next 12 months.

Following services are to be renewed on annual basis:

  • Fees and duties payable to the Dominica Companies Registrar
  • Registered agent professional fees
  • Nominee annual service charge (if ordered)
  • Any additional documents you may need

What if you have existing Dominica IBC with another agent?

If you consider changing your current registered agent and transferring your Dominica offshore company to us, please contact us and send scans of your company incorporation documents, so we can determine a cost of transferring as well as prepare all required forms for filing within the Registry. Normally it takes 48-72 hours to transfer the company.

For all our new and existing clients we offer:

  • reliable and professional services
  • in-depth understanding of your needs and pro-active search for best available solution
  • quick response time to all your queries
  • effective and economical co-operation
  • dedicated team of professionals

What if your company is incorporated abroad and you want to re-incorporate it in Dominica?

Dominica legislation allows to re-register (redomicile) foreign companies to Dominica. For example if your offshore company is registered in British Virgin Islands (BVI) and you would like to redomicile it to Dominica. We can handle this process for you and we cn advise you on the fastest and cheapest way to redomicile your offshore company to Dominica.

More information about redomiciliation services you will find here.

Please contact us today to incorporate a new company, to change your current registered agent or to redomicile your company to Dominica.