Applying for the business license: Offshore Forex Broker License | Money Transfer Service | Offshore Banking

IBC LAB will help you to apply for business license in the following jurisdictions:

  • Dominica
  • Belize
  • Costa Rica
  • other jurisdictions

Choosing the right jurisdiction for business license

Business executives and owners, concerned about prospects of their business and looking for business licenses, often seek the licenses in jurisdictions imposing less administrative burdens and allowing to conduct business with lower overheads. Majority of the companies choose jurisdictions which offer at least the following features:

  • favorable taxation regime
  • stable political situation and comprehensive legislation
  • simplified business licensing regime
  • friendly business environment
  • beneficial conditions to open headquarter


Caribbean and Latin America are often considered for the following options available for international licensing:

  • Offshore/international banking (For more information about Offshore Banking Licenses in Dominica, please click here)
  • Money Transmission Service
  • Payment Processing Services
  • Money Transfer Services License
  • Forex Broker License

Businesses dealing with provision of payment systems, crypto-currencies, forex services, offshore trading or financial services, can benefit from a proper licensing and establishing fully functioning corporate office in the Caribbean region or Latin America.

Dominica offers an opportunity to apply for Money Transfer Services License, which enables to conduct money remittance businesses regionally and internationally. Financial licensing is regulated by the Financial Services Unit (Ministry of Finance of Dominica) and you can find more information about licensing and regulatory framework visiting the FSU website.

Belize is another excellent example of an jurisdiction offering licensing and start-up platform for expansion in provisioning of Money Transfer service, Forex Broker License or other financial services.

Please contact us to find out more about licensing opportunities, expenditures or order detailed calculation of getting licensing for your existing business or forthcoming start-up.