Economic Citizenship. Applying.


Dominica Economic Citizenship. What is the application process?

The application process consists of 3 steps and normally takes 4-6 months since the initial application to obtaining Dominican Economic Citizenship (Passport).


  • Submission of the required documents to us to commence the preparation of filling
  • Preparation of due-diligence report by international background investigation agency (Bishops etc)


  • Submission of the documents to the Ministry of National Security, Immigration and Labour of Dominica
  • Obtaining a Letter of Comfort from the Ministry of Finance


  • Planning of your visit to Dominica for an interview with the officials or arrangement of interviewing panel to visit your desirable location
  • Preparation for your interview
  • Processing of your Certificate of Naturalization and obtaining your passport

How much does it cost?

 There are 4 options of contribution to qualify for Dominica Economic Citizenship Second Passport Program

OPTION 1:  100.000 USD

For one applicant

 OPTION2:   175.000 USD

For one applicant with a spouse

 OPTION 3:  200.000 USD

For a family with 2 children aged below 18 years old

 OPTION 4: 350.000 USD

For a family with 3 children aged below 18 years old

As the holders of Dominican Passport are able to travel visa free to more than 100 countries (including the Schengen zone, UK, Turkey, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore), it makes the program desirable not only for tax purposes. Different from other similar programs, there is also no physical residency requirements.

Please note that there are additional legal fees (governmental applications fees and duties), due diligence fees charged by independent due-diligence firms (such as Kroll Associates, Bishops Services Inc. or Financial Examinations & Evaluation Inc.).

Contact us to obtain comprehensive fee calculation. To learn more about the Nature Island of Dominica, click here.