Dominica Passport Application and Dominica Economic Citizenship

IBC LAB offers an opportunity to obtain Commonwealth of Dominica Economic Citizenship and Passport.

IBC LAB works in conjunction with Whitco Inc, an authorized agent for Economic Citizenship in Dominica, approved by the Citizenship By Investment Unit (Ministry of Finance) of Commonwealth of Dominica.

What are the advantages of the Second Economic Citizenship?

  • Personal protection against economy and political instability in your home-country
  • Ability for you and your family to leave your country, in the event of civil unrest, political crisis or in any event imposing imminent personal safety threat to you and your family
  • Ability to conduct international business in case your country law imposes certain limitation on international entrepreneurship and private property
  • Opportunity for better tax planning for certain countries
  • Ability to travel visa-free in selected countries

Why Dominica is a good jurisdiction to obtain Second Economic Citizenship?

  • Low acquisition cost through direct monetary contribution to the Government of Dominica
  • Relatively quick to obtain a Dominica passport (4-6 months)
  • No residency requirements for Dominican passport holders
  • Special rules and privileges for the visitors of the United Kingdom: children of Dominican citizens can study visa-free in the UK and later take up to 2 year visa-free employment in the UK
  • Visa-free travel to selected countries (visa is required for USA and Canada)

How IBC LAB can help you?

  • We will guide and advise you throughout the process of preparation and submission of required documents
  • We will advise your steps to reduce the administrative costs related to your application
  • We will help to submit all required documents and make appropriate filings with the Government of Dominica
  • We will organize your interview with officials of the Government of Dominica and make all necessary arrangements pertaining to your visit to Dominica

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